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How Long Can A Home Insurance Claim Stay Open?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

How long can a storm claim stay open?

After your property is damaged, you have up to 2 years to file an initial property damage claim in Florida. However, once a claim is submitted, regardless of the timeframe in which it was submitted, the process should move fairly quickly. Insurance companies in Florida have a limited amount of time to settle a homeowner insurance claim after it is filed.

What is the process once my Florida homeowner insurance claim is filed?

Once you file a homeowner insurance claim in Florida there are a few steps between filing and settlement:

  1. Your Florida insurance provider must acknowledge receipt of your homeowner insurance claim within 14 days of receipt.

  2. Once receipt of your claim has been acknowledged your Florida insurance company should provide you with policyholder instructions to include proof-of-loss forms and affidavits to sign detailing the scope of damages to property and/or personal injuries sustained.

  3. Your Florida insurance company must respond with a decision to you within 90 days of receiving all required documentation from the policy holder (you). The response should include information and full payment on the undisputed part of the claim. If there is a part of the claim that is denied that should be detailed as well.

If you have filed a homeowners insurance claim in Florida and haven't received a response to your claim within 90 days, it may be time to consider hiring an insurance claim attorney. A Florida insurance claim attorney can provide invaluable experience when tackling a stalled insurance claim.

Insurance companies sometimes take advantage of homeowners with a lack of knowledge of the damage claim process. Having an insurance claim attorney with experience can make all the difference in moving your insurance claim forward quickly. Contact the offices of Florida Property Damage Attorneys today to schedule a review of your current homeowner insurance claim at 850-577-1699.

For more information on Florida's Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights click here.

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