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Hurricane Ian Storm Damage Help 

If you're an insured home or business owner who's property has been recently impacted by Hurricane Ian, it is time to file a claim with your insurance company in order to recover damages. 


Here is how to do that:

  1. Take photographic evidence of your property's damages of the damage to your property.

  2. Create a list of all damaged items and their details (make, model, serial number if able). 

  3. Reach out to your insurance company to alert them of the damages. They may request that you make temporary repairs to avoid further damage, allowing time for an adjuster to come and inspect your damage. 

  4.  An adjuster will likely be sent to your home on behalf of your insurer for damage inspection. You must be present during this time to point out all damages. 

  5. A report will be created by the adjuster for the insurer. 

  6. Once the report is approved, your insurer will pay compensation for the repairs.

To read more about hurricane damage insurance policies in the state of Florida, visit our page here. 

Get Help With Storm Damage Claim From Hurricane Ian

Get Help With Flood Damage From Hurricane Ian

If you were a victim of flood during this time, you must know that the typical Florida homeowners insurance policy excludes flood damage coverage. Depending on where you live in Florida and if you have a mortgage, your mortgager may require a flood insurance policy along with your basic home insurance. If you own your home outright, the option is available to purchase flood insurance to supplement your homeowners insurance policy. To see if your current homeowners policy includes flood damage, review your policy documents. If your policy documents are hard to understand, you can reach out to your insurance company to speak with them directly. To learn more, visit our page on flood property damage in the state of Florida. 

Here at Florida Property Damage Attorneys, we understand the issues that commonly arise following the aftermath of a dangerous storm. We know the tactics and methods that insurance companies typically use to reach maximum profit -- and work endlessly to protect your homeowners' insurance rights.  

If your property has been impacted by Hurricane Ian, allow our seasoned attorneys to provide the protection and fair settlement you deserve. Call us today at (850-788-7272.  We will review your insurance policy, assess your property damage, and evaluate any offers your insurance company has provided to ensure that it is fair.  If we find that your insurer has acted in bad faith or cut an unfair settlement, we can discuss your legal options for pursuing the compensation you need.

Get Free Storm Damage Claim Help From Hurricane Ian

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