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Theft Damage

Our Theft Damage Attorneys Can Help You Deal With Your Property Insurance Claim

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Filing A Claim For Theft: First Steps

In the case of theft, you will first need to contact your homeowner's insurance company as soon as possible. Be sure to alert the police before doing so. If any damage to your belongings are present, or if emergency repairs for protection were needed, your insurance policy might cover the costs that come with it. Before any repairs, get in touch with your insurance company, as it is their right to inspect the property to view its damage.

If you need to file a homeowners insurance claim due to theft damage, you will want to contact an insurance claim attorney before  your homeowners insurance provider. An experienced insurance claim attorney can guide you through the process of insurance claim, which will aid in providing the right information to your insurance provider. Providing too much or not enough information can sometimes work against your claim.

Contact one of our Florida Property Damage Attorneys to get a free review of your claim or help starting a new theft damage claim.

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In What Case Would I Need An Insurance Attorney?

As defined by the Florida Association of Insurance Agents, a: 

  • Burglary: Felonious abstraction from premises, breaking and entering, visible marks on the exterior at the place of entry.

  • Robbery: Forcible taking from a person by violence or fear of violence, including unconsciousness or death.

  • Theft: Includes any act of stealing; broader than“burglary”and “robbery.”

While many Florida homeowners’ policies have coverages included for commonly stolen items, there is likely to be a limit that the policy can pay out.

Those items are as follows: 

  1. Monetary funds (money, coins, cash)

  2. Sensitive and personal information such as passports, securities, account informations, stamps, tickets, and credit cards.  

  3. Precious items including watches, furs, jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones that were lost due to theft. 

  4. Weapons and firearms

  5. Gold and silverware

  6. Business property that is crucial for those who work from home. 

  7. Technology such as tablets, gaming equipment, sports equipment, mobile devices, software, and computers. 

Contact one of our Florida Property Damage Attorneys for further assistance with an insurance attorney. 

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I need the insurance company to pay for my theft damage.
What do I need to know? 

Now that the types of theft have been defined, it is important to know that your theft damages will typically fall into categories that determine their coverage rules and limitations:

  • Personal property on or temporarily away from the premises, including belongings inside your home or on your home's property (in your backyard, pool area, garage or shed).

  • Personal property in storage such as fur/clothing, motors, paintings, and items stored between seasons.

  • Uninsured personal belongings of others in your possession, including one's that you don't own but are temporarily borrowing. 

Set categories like these are what insurance companies will use in deciding how much coverage will be provided for replacements. For example, different types of coverage may be given depending on its category. Limitations are likely to exist in which your insurance provider will state the maximum amount they'll provide for lost items, what category they fall under, and more. 

Contact one of our Florida Property Damage Attorneys for assistance with your insurance company and its limitations. 

My theft damage claim was denied. What do I do? 

Don't be surprised if your insurance company tries to deny your theft claim. They may claim that you're reporting an item as stolen to collect the insurance money, that the item isn't covered by your policy, it even that it's your fault the item was stolen. 

Your insurer may try to devalue the object by claiming its in poor condition, or it was worth less to begin with. A settlement amount may be offered that is far below the true value of your stolen property. 


In the case of a claim denial, your property damage attorney can aid in arguing for the true worth of your property. Through negotiation, your attorney can argue that you deserve a better amount, or take them to court if the situation requires.

Contact one of our Florida Property Damage Attorneys for assistance with a denied theft damage claim. 

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When Should I Hire A Theft Damage Attorney?

If you've been a homeowner in Florida for any length of time, chances are you already have, or will need to file a homeowners insurance claim at some point. One important question when it comes to filing a homeowners insurance claim is "When do I hire a lawyer for an insurance claim?"

If your home has been damaged and you need to file a homeowners insurance claim in Florida, we suggest contacting an insurance claim attorney, before you ever contact your homeowners insurance provider. An insurance claim attorney with experience can help you through the homeowners insurance claims process and ensure you provide the right information to your insurance provider. Not providing enough, or providing too much information, can sometimes hurt your insurance claim. A knowledgeable Florida Property Damage Or Insurance claim attorney understands the insurance industry's jargon, and their bottom line. Hiring an insurance claim attorney to file your homeowner insurance claim ensures your claim is submitted with your best interest and outcome in mind.

For more helpful information on theft insurance please visit FEMA's National Theft Insurance Program website.

Hire A Water Damage Attorney And Get Help With Your Claim

If you need specific legal advice on whether to purchase flood insurance for your Florida home, or simply need help with your open water damage claim, contact Florida Property Damage Attorneys. Florida residents deserve proper advice when protecting one of their biggest investments and a Florida insurance claim attorney at Florida Property Damage Attorneys will be happy to discuss your situation with you.


Our home office is in Tallahassee, Florida, but we serve homeowner insurance claim cases all over the state of Florida. Give us a call today at 850-788-7272 to schedule a consultation to discuss your homes unique situation.

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