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Pre-Suit Claim Handling

Our Property Damage Attorneys Can Help You Deal With Your Property Insurance Claim

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Storm Damage Claim Help With Hurricane Ian Property Damage Claim

Have you experienced storm damage to your home or property from Hurricane Ian?  The recent devastation from the Hurricane has left thousands of families in the state of Florida in need of insurance claims for property damage to their dwelling.  Many insurance companies will be overwhelmed with a number of claims.

Contacting an attorney if your claim is denied and you want to start gathering documentation and evidentiary support for your claim, our attorneys can help you navigate the waters of insurance policy and industry jargon.

Contact our Florida Storm Damage Attorneys for assistance with your storm damage claim.  We will help you figure out the best way to handle your claim together.

Call Max or Will at 850-788-7272 or email us at

Definition of Pre-Suit Claim Activity In Property Damage Case

A pre-suit claim is an activity that occurs in relation to an insurance claim prior to a lawsuit being filed. Insurance companies have various incentives behind denying your claim, which may be unknown to you.As the policyholder, you have the right to decide how much time is spent on a pre-suit claim, in an effort to reach a fair settlement with your insurer. 

A pre-suit claim takes place prior to you taking your insurer to court. This is the point when an effort is made to reach a reasonable agreement with your insurance company. Our team at Florida Property Damage Attorneys can effectively handle your pre-suit claim to see if an agreement can be made. Contact Max or Will today at 850-788-7272 for a free consultation. 

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Understanding Your Obligations As The Homeowner

Homeowners Obligations: The first step to filing a Florida property damage claim is reaching out to your home's insurer and alerting them of the damage. It is then their responsibility to  advise you on what is needed next, if anything. 


Various standard obligations exist that Florida homeowners must abide by following the filing of a property damage insurance claim. Between the homeowner and the insurer, the homeowner must: 

  • Provide immediate notice to the insurance company.

  • Protect the property from further damage, along with needed repairs

  • Keep a clear record of costs and repairs associated with damages.  

  • Create a list of damaged personal property with receipts and bills. 

  • Alert the police and credit card companies in case of a loss by theft.

  • Show the damaged property.

  • Provide documentation.

  • Participate in an examination under oath.

  • Send sworn proof of loss within 60 days of request.

Contact one of our Florida Property Damage Attorneys for further assistance with your pre-suit claim.

Get Help With Your Pre-Suit Claim in Tallahassee

Florida Property Damage Attorneys is home to seasoned, driven attorneys who have dedicated their careers to protecting homeowner's rights. We understand how taxing it is to experience claim denial while trying to renovate and repair your home. Our experienced firm will take care of your pre-suit claims to reach a fair agreement with your insurer.  

During the pre-suit claims process, our lawyers will review your filed claim to see whether or not it aligns with your policy. Additionally, we will prepare to sue your insurer if negotiations are not fairly met. 

Florida Property Damage Attorneys has successfully handled pre-suit claims for various clients in the state of Florida, and we are happy to aid you as well.

If you are in the State Florida, contact the firm or call us today at 850-788-7272. 

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When Should I Hire A Property Damage Attorney?

If you've owned a home in the state of Florida at any point in time, it is likely that you will need to (or already have) file a homeowner's insurance claim. One you've filed an insurance claim, the next question is "When do I hire a lawyer for an insurance claim?"

If you're experiencing property damage home has been damaged and you need to file a homeowners insurance claim in Florida, it is recommended that you reach out to an insurance claim attorney, prior to contacting your insurance provider.  An experienced insurance claim attorney can help you through the homeowners insurance claims process, and make sure that you give the correct information to your insurance provider. Not providing enough, or providing too much information, can sometimes hurt your insurance claim. A knowledgeable Florida Property Damage Or Insurance claim attorney understands the insurance industry's jargon, and their bottom line. Hiring an insurance claim attorney to file your homeowner insurance claim ensures your claim is submitted with your best interest and outcome in mind.

Hire An Insurance Claims Attorney After You File Your Claim

If you've already filed a homeowners insurance claim in Florida and you're contemplating hiring an insurance claim attorney, better late than never is the proper adage to apply. If you feel your claim was either denied unfairly, paid less than it should have, or is hung up in the process, a Florida insurance claim attorney can advocate on your behalf with your insurance provider.


Florida Property Damage Attorneys has over 25-years experience as Insurance Claims Attorneys in Florida. We have assisted countless Florida homeowners in processing, and sometimes litigating, their insurance claims. We will review your homeowners insurance claim for free to determine the best next steps for your case. Call us today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation at 850-788-7272.

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